The Battle of Scandinavia: Oslo Games April 14th

OsloGames-Henning lipslide

Henning lipslides in front of Oslo City Hall during the 2008 Oslo Games.

Saturday April 14th Norway, Sweden and Denmark will fight out a fierce battle of wood, urethan, sweat and glory.

7 skaters from the 3 countries will battle for a 10 000 euro prize purse. Half of the winnings go directly to the winning team, and the rest will be divided between several best tricks and other surprising challenges.

Long time professional Henning Braaten is designing the course, which consists of a picnic table area, a water gap, and a double set with ledges and rails.


Don't miss out on the free show, watch it live on Saturday 14. April 16.00 - 19.00. Watch this space, as we're just waiting for the embed code to insert the thing on the site.

Check out all the skaters coming to Oslo this weekend at