Nike SB have posted the first out of three episodes from their Don't Fear The Sweeper tour. The 2nd part will be live on 25 January.

Some essential dates involving the re-modeling of the Brooklyn Banks and surrounding area over at Official New York. Keep these in mind when you're planning your next NYC pilgrimage.

Rob Campbell mixtape, supplied by Quarter Snacks, home of the New York Noseslides.

And while we've already ventured East, have a look at Josh Stewart's list of most memorable video parts from 2009, if you haven't already. On the subject of 2009, The Skateboard Mag has a Best Of edit of their Mag Minute features from 2009 on their site. Puts many company videos to shame, that. Quarter Snacks also has a list of 100 most important things to happen in New York City skateboarding in the past decade. Well worth the history lesson.

Sick Tobin Yelland interview with beautiful photos over at Huh Magazine.

Dan Murphy has swapped Mystery for Foundation.

Daily photographic Hsuage on Jerry Hsu's new blog. Book mark and revisit.