I remember thinking that the whole CHANEL grip thing was quite funny, but after watching these two clips I've gone from amused to scared. What's going on? What do all these high-end fashion brands want from us? Surely they can't be doing it for the money. You would have to be pretty daft to think you can just wiggle your way into a market you know nothing about. Skateboarding is such a complicated niche culture, if you want to sell boards you can't just "give it a go" if you have no idea what you are doing. Even if these products aren't destined to be sold to proper skateboarders,  I still can't see them flying off the shelves. If I was was a poser or a mum, a the Marc Jacobs store isn't exactly the first place I would look if I wanted to buy something "extreme" like a skateboard. To be honest, if I was rich and didn't skateboard, I bet that stupid cruiser is the last thing I would get from a Lacoste store. If it's an image thing, they've also got it all wrong: the only thing they'll achieve with a clips like these is tainting the "classy" image they spent so many years perfecting. Have any of you ever felt "classy" whilst carrying your dirty skateboard on the bus home from a session? If Lacoste aren't careful, soon enough french kids are going to start ripping those beloved little crocodiles from the hats they managed to make so popular amongst skaters.