The plot thickens. A while ago, Adidas staged a get-together session and art show in Paris around The Obstacle. Benjamin Deberdt was in charge of the art department of the event and one of the things he did was facilitate Lucas Puig's Le Remix clip. Here's what happened:

"When The Obstacle came out, I was in charge of the exhibition, and wanted it to be a mix of media and generations, from Mark Gonzales and I, to Soy and then the younger generation that is really creative and good at what they do, like the Rennes guys like Pacôme and Quentin, and then I thought it'd be amazing to get Lucas's part remixed by whoever does these dark / weird edits for the Kurds videos. So I found out it was Hugo Campan, then tracked him down. Turns out he's super young and very talented, but quite "low tech", somehow… So, long story short, I got him the footage from Adidas with absolute freedom to do whatever the hell he wanted. When he was done I just asked him to throw my name in there, just so I could brag about it, if needed on some résumé, and this is what he sent back. I thought that was really funny, considering we had never met and spoke twice on the phone, so we just went with it. Now, every time I see it, I feel a bit embarrassed, and I think it's cool he kind of put me back into my place like that. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, also!"

Benjamin Deberdt is currently in charge of his new venture Click on the image of Lucas and Hugo below, stolen from liveskateboardmedia and shot by Benjamin, to read an interview of the two. If you French isn't up to scratch, there's always google translate!