Koston gets shoes chucked at him for quitting Lakai. The news here is the flying shoes, not quitting Lakai, mind you.

Jani Laitiala interview and the King of Sao Paulo with Alex Carolino on the DC site.

Etnies Japan tour on the Etnies site.

Kr3w trip to Arizona on the Kr3w site.

Goodness gracious on at the MIA park on their site.

Brady Top 5 on crailtap.

Derek Simons mag minute on the Skateboardmag site.

Spring time in Stockholm on the Bellows site.

Caswell Berry gets interviewed on the Slap site.

Familiar and unfamiliar faces on Andy Mueller's new photography site.

Vision is the name of the new skatepark in Kristiansand, Norway. Tacky has photos up on their site.

Another brand new one in London's Mile End, not too far from the up-and-down ledges. See James Gardner's footage below. http://mpora.com/videos/6NlkIxA3c More Skateboarding >>

Malmös new park is officially opening on May 30-31 with a opening festivities.

In other "news" today, Vlad Esaulkov has just landed in Barcelona with a three month visa and no roof over his head. Mark Baines has relocated in Berlin. Tatu Engeström is about to return to Finland after a four month stint in London. Vans Europe are heading to the south of Spain this month, Nike SB are opting for Athens in a week or so.