Here's Chapter Twelve of the new Adidas Diagonal video, only just released with the new issue of Kingpin and already on Youtube, courtesy of Quartersnacks.

Kyle Leeper, Alex Olson, Danny Garcia, Reese Forbes and Tony Hawk destroy your Flash Player for you on the Quiksilver site.

Until we get our Mark Gonzales interview together and converted into CMYK format, enjoy the day in the life on the 4 Star site. And of course stealing traffic on youtube below.

Redbull Manny Mania 2009 promo

Strange Notes with Corey Duffel, just ahead of the upcoming Transworld video Right Foot Forward.

Mika Edin and last month's interviewee Love Eneroth on the Bellows blogcam.

5boro France in NYC. See Vincent Bressol eating his pancakes and having them too. Wait, was something lost in translation there? Never mind.

You obviously should have, but if you haven't yet, check out Wieger's Bangin at the Berrics.

David Ramos has a new promodel backsack on Billabong.