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At the moment, there is serious reason to worry for issue 88's interviewee, Kilian Heuberger, as he collapsed while skating a comp in Austria recently. Here is a bit of information on his state of health provided by his friend Lucas Fiederling:

"As you may have heard already, Germany's Kilian Heuberger was brought to a hospital in Austria last week after collapsing in the middle of an ongoing contest. Shortly before that, he lost his ability to speak, just to pass out right afterwards.

A syrinx in Kilian's brain caused bleeding, influencing the speech-area and his movements and also causing the loss of consciousness. Luckily, help could be provided quickly.

Since then, Kilian had to undergo brain-surgery, leaving friends and family worried since the doctors only gave cautious prognoses. Kilian though, one of Europe's finest skateboarders and known for his strength and perserverance, fought back.

Surprisingly enough, prospects are good. Kilian is conscious, he can move his arms, just recently he even went for a short walk.

Kilian was transferred to a hospital in his hometown of Munich and will proceed with rehabilitation measures now – way earlier then expected.

Keep your fingers crossed for Kilian!"