Keep Rollin' is Julien Castel's latest video offering with parts from Fernan ORIGEL (Mexico), Antony LOPEZ (France), Alessandro MAGNANI (Switzerland) and Shadi CHARBEL (Mexico) and additional manouvers from Josh Kalis, Felipe Gustavo, Raul Navarro, Mark Frolich, Marek Zaprazny, Charles Collet, Bastien Salabanzi, Flo Marfaing, Kilian Zehnder, Sven Kilchenmann and Thierry Gormit. Look at the line up and you know you'll want to see this one.

In Julien's own words: "No matter what happens, we'll keep skating, only for the love of it!!! So whatever the stupid laws, cops, fines, anti-skate, street haters, the skateboard's crisis... JUST HAVE FUN!!!"

The video will be out on DVD in October. The project has been realized from start to finish in one year and it has been kindly supported by Converse, DC Shoes, Nixon and YUX!.