Just over a week to go before the Junkyard Skateboard Games, the sequel to the success of last year's Junkyard Skate Olympix. Judging by last year, it'll be a blast and definitely a date to include on the comp calendar. The comp format is quite unique and works a treat, both for the skaters where it's more like a session than a comp, and for the audience, who can get close to each obstacle and soak in the atmosphere where it's really happening. Here's a quick message from Junkyard and a 3D animation of the course below. For more info and updates, check the Skateboard Games site.

On the 28th of May the world's best skateboarders will once again clash with the Scandinavian elite in the enormous Arena Vänersborg.

In five separate disciplines the 32 handpicked heroes will battle it out for 10.000 Euro and everlasting glory. In addition to the unforgettable skateboarding we will also have our best brands present, putting on happenings and give-aways.

For those about to shop there will be a massive stock sale and for those craving to skate the open course is there to let you make use of inspiration and excess energy. Let the games begin!

And here's who's in:

Chris Haslam (USA)

Josef Scott Jatta (SV)

Vincent Alvarez (USA)

Ryan Decenzo (KAN)

Javier Sarmiento (SP)

Albert Nyberg (SV)

Mika Edin (SV)

Manuel Margreiter (ÖSR)

Wes Kremer (USA)

Michael Sommer (NO)

Brandon Turner (USA)

Nisse Ingemarsson (SV)

John Romo (SV)

Daniel Grönwall (SV)

Lem Villemin (TY)

Fernando Bramsmark (SV)

Maxime Genin (FR)

Danijel Stankovic (SV)

Koffe Hallgren (SV)

Simo Mäkelä (FI)

Wieger van Wageningen (NL)

Youness Amrani (BG)

Vince del Valle (US)

Günes Özdogan (SV)

Pete Eldridge (US)

Benny Fairfax (EN)

Joel Svärd (SV)

Kevin Baekkel (NO)

Jonas Skröder (DK)

Tyler Surrey (US)

Daniel Spängs (SV)

Nick Tucker (US)