Josef Scott Jatta In Effect

Josef Scott Jatta in Effect in Kingpin 101
Present at the interview: Thomas Winkle, Pirkka Pollari, Björn Holmenäs
Intro: Björn Holmenäs
Photography: Gaston Francisco

Josef Scott Jatta is one hard young man to find when you need to. And it’s equally hard to have him sit down and answer questions for an interview. That is why I figured I would invite a bunch of friends over for dinner, fool Josef to leave the endless session at Macba, give everyone wine and beer, put the recorder on the table and just have people question Josef about life and skateboarding in general. The interview crew lead by showman and good friend of Josef’s and everyone else’s, Mr Thomas Winkle started off straight away with one of the noisiest most random interviews ever made. Josef said he wanted something different and this is what he got, up or down ass wiping, black and yellow relationships, tentfucking, stinky old turkish yogurt and some skateboarding to mix it up.

Thomas Winkel: What’s it like being roommates with Pirkka Pollari?
It’s amazing. He’s a lovely Scandinavian mate.

You know he’s gypsy, right? That’s why they call him Manne.
Yeah man, Manne. I didn’t know that though.

Pirkka Pollari: So Josef. You’re from Sweden? Where’s your true roots at?
Gambia, Africa. My mom’s from Sweden. I grew up in Gothenburg. What are you guys, some stalkers?

TW: And when did you move down here to Barcelona?
2011? 2012? No it is 2012? I mean that’s now, right?

TW: Jesus, you don’t even remember.
No wait, it was in October. 2010?

TW: Was that a big change in your life, from Sweden to Barcelona?
Yes. It was.

Front blunt

TW: Like how? You skate more here?
Yes. I think so. In Sweden I skated like twice a week, here I skate everyday.

Björn Homenäs: That’s a lie! You used to skate every single day in Sweden.
Yeah, maybe when I was a kid. Not any more, though.

PP: What do you mean kid? That was a year ago.
I grew up fast since I got here!

TW: Have you ever had a job in your life besides skateboarding?
No. Uhm…nope.

TW: Do you know how to wash the dishes?
Yes. I do. I’m really good at it too.

BH: Is that why I found dirty dishes from like a year ago hidden under Castañeda’s bed?
[Haha!!!] This is a little too private…

TW: You’re trippin, this is perfect. So tell me about the DC Euniversal video?
It’s not done yet, I don’t think? And it’s not even called that.

TW: They changed the name?! Dude, I’m over this interview, man.
PP: What is it called then? Eurica?
It’s not called that either. I don’t know.

PP: What’s been your favourite tour with the DC guys so far?
Uhm…The second States trip was the best one. Good spots, good high grades, everything good.

TW: How was hanging out with Wes Kremer?
It was funny, crazy..

TW: Sweet Mafia?
That was sick.

TW: What about your little Tent Shitty trip around Scandinavia with the Perus wheel team?
That was dope, we should do it again. We had a shitty little yellow tent, me and Jonas. And there was some fucking in one of the tents outside of a night club…

TW: What, you slept in the tent outside of a nightclub? So what did you do, grab a girl in the nightclub and drag her back to the tent?
It wasn’t me man! It was *******! So ******* walks in the club—no, he tries to walk in the club, but he got kicked out, or they didn’t let him in. So he came back with a new jacket, got in, found a girl. The girl’s like: “Take me to your house.” So ******* goes: “Here’s my house, get the fuck in there!”

TW: He fucked her right there in the tent outside the nightclub?
Yeah, of course he did! On the patio of the nightclub, almost. And someone was puking in the background…it was sick.

TW: Why aren’t you in Sweden any more, Josef?!
Because it’s cold.

Frontside flip

TW: I don’t see you going back for the summer either, though.
It rains! [haha] No, I’m going to go back in the summer for a little bit, maybe. Skate some tranny in my home town and in Malmö.

TW: Have you ever had to move snow out of the way to skate?
No-o…yes, actually I think I did. Yeah, on this parking lot I used to skate. I forgot about that. It’s like an indoor parking lot, kinda, but there was a four stair going out of it. And it gets icy. The stair was skinny, [hihihi] … [haha] steep, [hihihi] tall [hahaha] and the roof was low, so my homie couldn’t skate it, cause he was too tall!! [hahaha] So he was just there skating flat ground! Ah man, that was the sickest four stair! [haha]

PP: When’s the video coming out?
I think on the 1st. [Of which month, you dummy? –Ed.]

TW: What’s up with the cover of this magazine? Are you gonna get it?
I hope so. I think, maybe.

TW: What trick is it gonna be?
Maybe a pop-shove it tailslide? I don’t know.

TW: So who are your sponsors, K?
DC Shoe Company Europe, Sweet Skateboards, Perus Wheels, and DARKness.

TW: What’s up with this Darkness? I mean cause you’re really not even that dark, you’re kind of a light-skinned brother. Who’s the original Darkness, tell me about him!
There’s two of them, they’re from Malmö, Sweden. I don’t know where they’re originally from. One of them is maybe Somalian? He’s big and sketchy looking, but very nice. And the other guy is Fernando. He’s Colombian, I think.

Backside 5-0 front 180 out

TW: So give me a rundown of an average day of Josef Scott Jatta in Barcelona.
I wake up. Take a shit. Then I go for a smoke…

TW: Do you wipe it up, or do you wipe it down?
What do you mean down? How do you wipe down? I wipe up. Why would I want shit on my balls?

TW: Do you ever use those fountains that clean your guy?
It cleans what?

TW: Never mind.
So yeah, then I eat something maybe, watch some skate footy on…

TW: What about the DC Embassy? Yo, when’s your Embassy clip coming out?
I don’t really know what’s going on with the Embassy. I’m way too busy.

TW: Way too busy, right?
Wa-ay too busy. Skating Macba, you know, learning flat tricks.

TW: Hey, you’re gonna do a shoe colourway, right? What colour is it?

TW: Of what shoe?

TW: What’s your top five skateparks for tranny?
Malmö Stapelbädd. Fælledparken Denmark. Washington Street San Diego. Action park in my hometown!

TW: One more? No? Alright, I know you don’t own an iPhone or iPod, so what do you listen to?
Gangsta shit.

Noseblunt slide

TW: Any Jah bless?
Yeah, some mad dub.

TW: Dubstep?
No, dub. Reggae.

TW: What’s your top five, what you listening to? Give me a piece of you, I wanna know you right now.
Andre Nicatina, Wu-Tang, James Brown…

TW: You like Rick James?
Yeah, but I like James Brown better. He’s black and he’s nice! [haha]

PP: What do you got going on after the DC video? You gonna give me some footage for Perus?
Gonna go to the States with Sweet and then I film that shit in one week, probably. Just kidding.

TW: You think you could be the first brother with a SOTY if you took skateboarding serious enough?

TW: Why not? I never seen a brother skate tranny as well as you.
DARKness! [haha]

TW: What you think about Portland, Oregon, you wanna skate that tranny?
I wanna go right now. Soon as possible. Asap.

TW: You need to go to Florida, you need to go to Portland, you need to go to Louisville Kentucky, man, they got the craziest trannies there, man. How do you like the States?
It’s nice. But it’s boring. Cause you can’t do shit. Everything is illegal.

Flip front nose

TW: You think you got more freedom in Europe?
Yes. I don’t have a car so I can’t drive [in the US]. And I can’t go out.

TW: You can’t get into clubs? Even in Sweden?

TW: So basically you’re like Don Juan the Magic Pimp out here in Barcelona?
Who’s that?

TW: How many girls you got on you?

TW: One? What race is she?
Yellow! [hahaha] Black and yellow, black and yellow…

TW: Jesus…is there anyone you’d like to thank?
My mom…my daddy…my grandma…fuck it, all my family. And then all the homies, the DC bosses, Ruben, Gaston, all the boys, Björn, Thomas, Junkyard, Sweet, Perus, DARKness!! I got one more: Winkle. Then Isak, the little lazy cunt.

TW: Do you think the skate video era has died, or you still wait for skate videos to come out?
I still wait for those.

TW: What’s the hottest video right now that you’re watching to get you hyped to go skate?
Any fast skating, funny, not too tech.

Frontside hurricane

TW: What was the latest webedit you were in?
Uhm…this Perus friends thing, I had like half of a line. Or in the Embassy clip there’s a shot where I’m eating a burger and Alex [Rocher] is looking at me. [haha]

TW: So what’s the story with Alex [Rocher], you live with him too? Is he getting better?
Yeah he’s doing better. But still not good.

TW: What do you gotta say to all the people out there drinking, getting crazy at night?
Don’t get retarded. Don’t do serious fucking bullshit. Don’t fight, it’s fucked up.

TW: Hey Björn, we’re 24 minutes in you haven’t asked anything.
BJ: What do you normally ask for an interview?
TW: You grill ‘em real fucking hard, you make ‘em feel fucking weird that’s what you do! So, Josef Jatta Scotta. I’ve been sitting here waiting my whole goddam ife to meet you. And now I’m gonna interview you. Are you ready? It’s gonna be a 30 second interview. You answer as fast as you want. And if you’re not fast enough—next question. Here we go. Is the sky blue?

TW: Is water wet?
TW: Did Judas…oh wait…grab the Romans while Jesus slept?
TW: That was a rhyme. Alright well, that was my thirty seconds..
We should do this interview with iPhone so you can listen to it.

TW: You can, right there.
No, but I mean in the magazine, like you get the magazine and you scan the thing…

TW: Oh like a bar reader? That would be ill…but here’s the thing about why we can’t do that: Technology is already making the human-being race so fucking stupid that if they couldn’t ask google, they wouldn’t get the answer. You know back in the day motherfuckers knew two hundred phone numbers in their head. Tell me my phone number? Thank you. Tell me my apartment, where do I live?
Paral-lel, *******.

TW: Yeah alright, whatever…but what’s your house, where do you live at?
I think *******? That’s easy.

Bigspin front board to fakie

TW: What was it like living with Alex Castañeda?
Good. Jonas killed it there too.

TW: How many houses have you had in Barcelona in the last two years?
Three. Four. Four counting yours. I rented your room six times. But that room’s free now, so if anyone wants to get in there…

TW: Thanks a lot!! Yo yo yo, anyone wanna rent a room this month, and I know this issue comes out next month, I got rooms to rent…bring your girl, it’s cheaper!
And bring an Xbox, because the old one we had is gone…they took it. But I don’t care, I’m gonna take it back.

BH: Are you any good at that?
Xbox? Yeah, I’m very good at that. Very good.

BH: So we were talking about you growing up in Gothernburg. How did you star skating in that cobblestone paradise?
I got a board from a homie for like eight euros, I think. It was a Stadium board, some kind of a sports mall complete. Like if you’d go get a set up at Lidl, it was like that.

TW: First video you ever saw?
16 Below, volume 1.

TW: That shit sounds terrible
You don’t know it, man? Paul Rodriguez is in it, Jeremiah Vance…who else? Mikey Taylor. You really haven’t seen this? Jeremiah Vance sacks on that rail to scorpion at the bottom. The afro guy. Sack, scorpion, boom.

TW: I met Jeremiah Vance before and look where he is today.
Where is he?

TW: Exactly.
BH: How long did your mom make you wear a helmet?
TW: Ah yeah, no wonder you can skate tranny, cause you were wearing a helmet for so many years!

I started skating bowls after I dropped my helmet!

TW: What’s up with this DC video, you don’t have any tranny tricks in there?
I got one. We should’ve gone to Oregon.

TW: So you saved that shit for the SOTY?
I don’t know what you’re talking about. Stinky Old Turkish Yogurt?

TW: Skater Of The Year!

Kickflip the gap to frontside nosegrind down.

TW: You got anything to say to the people in the snow right now?
Get over here.

TW: So where do you see yourself in five years from now?
Somewhere warm and cheap.

TW: Okay, so one more question. Do you have any goals in life?

If you haven’t seen Josef’s part in the DC Where EU At? video, then you’re missing out. Set things straight right here.


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