Jeff Grosso on The Nine Club. This week Jeff Grosso discusses growing up in Eagle Rock California, moving to Arcadia, quitting high school a credit short a month before graduation. Getting on his first sponsor in Variflex, getting on Powell Peralta, leaving Powell Peralta to turn pro for Schmitt Stix. Jeff goes on to discuss his heavy drug use, smuggling a ball of hash through airport security for Christian Hosoi, partying on Robitussin (a cold medicine), how he nearly ended up killing Ross Goodman. What happened when he left Santa Cruz for Lucero Limited which then turned into Black Label. Overdosing and almost dying on multiple occasions, stints working normal jobs in order to get by. Up to getting on Vans and Antihero, how he feels about skateboarding being in the Olympics in 2020, his Love Letters YouTube series with Vans and much more besides. Hit play and enj0y.