Janne Saario's latest creation had its opening this past Friday at the converted Fiskars art gallery. The obstacle is part of the ongoing exhibition Säätö and is now open for the art crowds to look at and the skate crowds to shred. The obstacle features back to back trannies and bumps plus ledge in between. The big tranny in the photo is about 3 meters high with almost a meter of vert, the facing quarter is something like two meters high and has a lip and a coping. The bumps are fairly whippy by the looks of it. Fresh from the x-ray chamber, I didn't have the chance to give it a go. Gutted. The construction is in place until the end of the show late April. The Element filmer Yves Marchon was here for a week to work on his video project with Janne. Since Toma Stankewitsch, the carpenter drafted to build Janne's sculpture was hurt, Yves fund himself building instead of filming for the most part. Good to see everyone that made it out to the opening session and looking forward to seeing what Yves got up to, whenever he could put the power tools down for a minute.


Jeremias Delgado, kickturn