So then. Eero Anttila took home first price and a fat envelope in the Pro Skate series. Wes Kramer won Best trick on Sunday with a sw fs shove it to fakie 5-0 on the hand rail. He also did a fakie flip sw krook on the same thing. Madars Apse took the Saturday best trick with a fs feeble on a vert wall over a channel.

1 Eero Anttila

2 Axel Cruysberghs

3 Eniz Fazliov

4 Sami Miettinen

5 Chris Haslam

6 Wille Mäkelä

9 Javier Sarmiento

7 Peter Smolik

8 Brandon Turner

10 Ronny Turpeinen

11 Marek Zapranzy

12 Zack Wallin


Jose Rojo bs tail




Two winners for the price of one: Eero Anttila sw flip blunt slides the handrail, while Wes Kramer strolls in front of the lens.

The weekend also saw the Finnish champs comp take place on the same course. Niko Ojanen stole the show and disappeared with the prize.

1 Niko Ojanen

2 Tommi Björk

3 Erik Toivanen

4 Antti Pesonen

5 Wille Mäkelä

6 Timo Salopelto

7 Mikko Hassinen

8 Pete Ruikka


Niko Ojanen sw krook earlier in the summer.