Gytis Bliuvas is a young shredder from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania just above Poland. We did a Kingpin trip there with Nick Jensen, Danny Brady, Soy Panday, Alex Klein and Eniz Fazliov in 2005, while Nick and Danny were filming for Fully Flared.


Jensen and Brady somewhere on the Baltic Sea between Helsinki and Tallinn, 2005


Eniz Fazliov bank to bank 360 flip, Vilnius, Lithuania, 2005

I remember having coffee with the Lakai filmer Federico in front of the white building in the background. I can't remember this skatepark being there at the time, in fact I have a vague recollection of our amazing host telling us he's planning to build one. I might be wrong. There's nothing wrong with Gytis's footage though. Dude fucking rips.