Gustav Eden: Skateboarding And The City – Or How To Make Your City A Skate-Mecca

Well, in case you're a die-hard street skater or you live in a city like Barcelona with too many spots to skate from the get-go, you might as well scroll on.

But if you've ever been hoping for better spots in your town or wishing for a proper skate park: listen and watch closely. In this recording of seminar in Finland, Gustav Eden, local skateboarder and official Skateboarding Coordinator for the City of Malmö, breaks it down once and for all: How to make your city a skateboarding Mecca.

»'So far ahead of everywhere else!‘«

By way of the example Malmö – once a bleak, post-industrial, run-of-the-mill town with barely anything to skate – Gustav lays out the success story that locals have created. Most importantly he shows how councils can benefit from skating and skaters from working with councils.

So if you're struggeling to get a park – or any skate spot for that matter – built in your town, this seminar is what you should be showing to your officials. In fact this video should be mendatory for urban management departments of any city that cares about their youths. As Gustav quotes Justin Reagan of Vans here pretty spot-on: "So far ahead of everywhere else!"

Malmö proves: What a good relationship between skaters and councils can amount to is "massive for generations to come".

»Massive for generations to come«