"Dear friends.

The end of an era is near. The Blackcrossbowl will be destroyed on July 1st. It started with a drunken idea in the spring of 2006 and Pontus Alv was kind enough to show us how to work with concrete and build what has become one of the symbols for the DIY spirit in Europe.

The Blackcrossbowl has been described as a time machine, that can take you back to when you were young and give you the same feeling that you had when you started skating. It has definitely been a fountain of youth for the older skateboarders in Basel and created a strong bond between us.

Please come enjoy the last sessions with us, before we start our new concrete project in the port area of Basel sometime in July…

We will do a brunch at the bowl on June Sunday 24th and a last party on June 30. Hope to see you there. Hit me up for more info and feel free to forward this to anyone who might want a last session…"



More photos and ramblings at the blackcrossbowl site.