I'm on my third coffee of the morning. Haslam is on the plane. He's on his way to Helsinki. Then it'll be ON for a few days. The reason he's coming, presumably, has something to do with Berlin and it goes back a few months. Rewind. Mark Nickles has been setting something up for a while for the Tilt Mode / Enjoi gang to come over and film with him in Berlin. In the mean time he's ran out of money and got a job offer. So when the crew starts arriving, Nickels starts working and has no time for filming for a couple of weeks. Haslam's left stranded in Berlin with nothing to do, so he takes a quick flight to Finland. Arizona videoer Travis Adams of Mustard Connection is also fresh off the plane and the Perus Crew are already jumping down shit. My index finger is itching to release some shutters, but unfortunately I've been stuck in the basement photoshopping the Berlin and Hamburg stuff from my trip. One more cup of coffee before I'll go. Rendevouz at the rail around two.