Perus Crew and Sweet Skateboards Tent Shitty tour is currently crossing the Baltic Puddle from Stockholm to Helsinki. After a couple of nights sleeping in parks around central Stockholm it's hello beds and showers tonight.


Koffe Hallgren fs 180 fakie many halfcab out. You'll see the footage later..

After the long drive up from Malmö, the 20 odd vagrants set up camp on the patch of grass next to Floside DIY park in the intersection of two busy motorways. We tried to wander in a bit deeper into the bushes but got denied by some more hardcore homeless dudes keeping it real in their tents. "You're too many, you'll make too much noise and draw attention", they said. Fuck it. Ten tents went up two meters from the pavement. We spent the night boozing and shredding Mika Edin and Erik Abrahamsson's sick little park under one of the motorways. And oddly enough we got no trouble all through the night and only the occasional sneer by the passersby in the morning, when the session continued with people gradually crawling out of their tents.


Miika Sandelin fs blunt


Jussi Rönkkö taildrop


Tent Shitty at Floside


Sami Miettinen at Floside, lines for breakfast straight out the tent.

After a good day's skate, the next night was spent right at the heart of the city, a stone's throw away from the central station in Kungsholmen. In between the waterfront, some offices and a night club, there was small stretch of hey and a couple of trees, which we took over.


Madars Apse feeble transfer


Miika Sandelin hardflip manual bs 180 out