Over the course of the last six months skateboarders from around the world competed in the 2010 Element “MAKE IT COUNT" International Contest Series. The overall winner at each regional event won a trip to the finals at Element YMCA Skate Camp to compete for Element sponsorship. The skating was at an all time high, as was the camaraderie and every competitors encouragement for one another; making it an event like no other, in a setting like no other. 1st place winner was Taylor Bray of Dallas, TX while defending champ Vincent Luevanos of Los Angeles, CA was also honored and announced part of the team.

Watch the videos here! Direct link to the European finals clip here.

Full results: 1. Taylor Bray – Dallas, TX 2. Jason Singler – Seattle, WA 3.(tie) Gage Smith – Columbus, OH 3.(tie) Bradley Elias – Fresno, CA

Honorable mention: Defending champion Vincent Luevanos of Los Angeles, CA was welcomed to the Element team, thus not considered in final results

From left: 1st place – Taylor Bray, 2nd place Jason Singler, 3rd place (tie) Gage Smith, Bradley Elias. Also pictured: Element team rider Levi Brown