Got Mika Edin taking up floor space along with filmer Erik Abrahamsson, hard at work on the new Bellows video. The pair arrived yesterday morning on an early flight that Erik boarded straight from his night shift at the airport maintenance, where he looks after mechanics fixing plains. If you fly through Stockholm, chances are Erik delivered the parts to fix your aircraft. Below, Erik is about 20 hours deep into his shift that's flowed seamlessly from aeroplane mechanics to fisheye antics. In case you're wondering why the fisheye's looking blue, it's because that's how Visualante, his filming gear sponsor, makes them. Their catalog consists of lenses and camera bags with tripods soon to be added. The lenses currently fit Sony's VX line apparently, but don't take my word for it, just check their site.

Along for the ride yesterday we had OJ Ojanen, who heads the team of a new Finnish upstart Armo Skateboards. Below a little clip of OJ and friends' off cuts from their upcoming video.