While most people were preparing human meat soup at the hotel, trawling the city for booze and food or lying face down in the frozen gutter in the Estonian night, Jan Tomson, myself and Sean James, the TM of Perus Skateboards were cozily sipping brew and listening to playlists of Canadian Indy at Jan's old town flat. Although these people are actually from Brooklyn, they could pass themselves off as Canadian in my books. If I took something away from that weekend, it has to be the list of bands and books that I scribbled on the foil of a pack of cigarettes that night, watching Jan and Sean feed off each other and throwing increasingly energetic tunes at me. Sean might not have been in such good spirits, had he known that he'd be lying on the street a couple of hours later with a broken nose and split lips. But what the hell, all in all I'm sure he'll have fond memories of the night in the long run!