Ben Raemers interviewed by Scuba Steve over at the éS site.

Mika Edin has a brother. His name is Kim. He can fucking frontside flip. Send us a postcard with nothing but the number of different fs flips he does in this clip and we'll blackmail Mika into sending you a Bellows t-shirt. The address is Kingpin Magazine, 1 West Smithfield, EC1A 9JU, England UK. Mark your entries "Kimmen's frontside flippen är sjuk!" Also, it looks like they've moved the Hummle miniramp right next to the street bit. Maybe that's old news but it's still news to me!

Mondays With Mike over on the Mike V site are now up to the second episode. If you missed the first one, you can check it below.

Machotaildrop director Corey Adams speaks about the movie over on the VBS site.

5 Boro's epic road trip from this past winter to film for their new video, scheduled for a release this autumn also resulted in a little youtube clip 55 Nights On Your Couch. Nice.