Once upon a time making a skateboard graphic was a painstaking labour of love involving lots of calculated cutting and masking as the graphic where screen-printed onto boards. In This day and age the practice of screen pritning is generally not economically viable and is a forgotten art. Sean Cliver was a pioneer of this art form and started working for Powell Perelta in 1989. Since then he has screen pritted his graphics the boards of the likes of World Industries, Blind, 101, Hookups, Birdhouse and Supreme. Like most artists he is very passionate about the process of his work and it seems he has been on a long mission to try and produce some new boards printed exactly the way there were in 1992.

Step up european board powerhouse Cliche, a brnad who obviously enjoy the finer aspects of the skateboard world and still appreciate the labour of love Cliver has been perfecting since the late 80's.

They have released a series of limited edition boards featuring some amazing artwork from Cleaver who has tried to take things back to skateboardings great hayday in the early 90's.

Only 300 of the first boards have been carefully produced and number and are looking to be instant collectibles.

for more info check out http://clicheskate.com/site/cliver/