If you haven't already, go and check out Cleptomanicx latest offering on DVD, "Rollen Aaller 3", a sick ass video featuring the talents (!) of latest Polar recruit, Tjark Thielker, Dennis Laass, David Conrads, Lennie Burmeister and Niklas Speer v. Cappeln, plus Ceptn Clepto.

Cleptomanicx' third video is a sick mixture of skate footy and skits portraiying the team on duty sailing the Clepto barge through Hanseatic waters. Apart from top notch skating, off the norm editing and individually composed music make this one a special gem. I'm also hoping to see even more abnormally funny stuff from five years worth of b-roll footage to pop up. Can't wait!

Rollen Aaller 3 is out on DVD as of now, and should as well be out on the web some time soon.

Rollen AALler 3 Teaser from CLEPTOMANICX on Vimeo.