It's Berlinale time. Ticket sales for the famed film festival has started today at 10:00, big international stars are getting their fancy dresses ready and red carpets are rolled out left and right. Among all the buzz This Ain't California, a really interesting movie/(pseudo-)documentary is holding it's world premiere as part of Berlinale's section Perspektive Deutsches Kino. The movie tells the story of four friends who fell in love with the four wheeled plank in the mid-80's GDR – out of all places and times, maybe one of the most unlikely to get infected with the skateboard fever. In using insane archive material and also letting his protagonists capture their lifes on super 8, director Marten Persiel did an amazing job in creating true felt GDR flavour, stunning pictures and a magic atmosphere.

To get the additional footy, known contemporary skaters such as Valeri Rosomako, Kai Hillebrand, Lennie Burmeister and Juppie Diens got treated to the eastern 80's makeover – a rad job by everyone involved!

Check out this trailer here, if you get the chance go watch it when This Ain't California comes to the box office sometime around summer, or if you happen to be in Berlin, check out the Berlinale after-party at Cassiopeia on Sunday and kill the highest ollie contest!