Wilanowska park in Warsaw got more than a face lift last week. Burn, us lot and Perus Crew teamed up for some rainy day concrete pouring and sunny sessions afterwards. Without even having to lie about it, the park is pretty sick now! While there's obviously an article and an edit on the way, have a look at a few snaps from the week's build and the resulting opening session last Sunday.


Poor Nacho thought he'd show up for the remade park and skate it: "That's what you get for not asking questions." You get your hands dirty.


So far so good. Mathew's ledge turns into a tranny type playground.


Miika Sandelin couldn't resist the temptation to benihana this thing.


Rune shows the new tranny / ledge combo a good time. Bs tail. If there ever was a good noping, then it's this one by Darryl in Wilanowska.


Miika Sandelin fs ollie.


Bunch of kids came by. Sun was out. Dudes got burned. See you at the next stop.