Well, it took a while to go through all the submissions but we've finally found a spot to kick off Burn's Save Our Spot project.

What kind of spot deserves to be given a going over by our build crew? I hear you ask! Well, it's got to be interesting. It's got to be neglected. And, well, it's got to be downright haggard..

And it ust so happens we found the perfect place to kick this SOS project off! It's in Poland, more specifically, in Warsaw, and even more specifically, it's Wilanowska skatepark. The winning selection, submitted by, MICHAEL RAJEWSKI, will be repaired and restored to it's former glory in the very near future and should end up with a few new additions from our dedicated team of expert craftsmen too.

If you're in Warsaw on the 19th of May be sure to join Rune Glifberg at the re-opening session, check it out and give the new stuff a run for its money.


We have been inundated with entries from across Europe and it's now time for us to close submissions and the burn SOS judges to start picking the final spots. Stay tuned as we announce the rest of winners throughout the summer and you can keep clued up with further information as it happens here: www.facebook.com/burn