The team of Vision ramps, select Burn riders Jean-Marc Soulet and Rasmus Sand and a few Kingpin types spent the last week over in scorching hot Romania, the lovely city of Sibiu to be more exact, where the Burn SOS program had its final stop. The aim was to save the city's dying skate park which was rotting away, desintegrating. Still, in Sibiu's case this place of metal and fiberglas structures falling into its single parts was the only spot for locals to meet and do their thing.

Shit had to be done, shit got done!

In higher 30's temperatures the boys stepped in and gave all they had, and the locals in turn got excited and joined in where they could. In the end I think it is not exaggerating to say skateboarding in Sibiu can now look ahead into a brighter future. Some of it we could witness in Saturday's final event, a comp with busloads of skaters coming in from all over the country to shred, bringing all the scene together – not a regular thing to happen here. Everyone was super hyped and of course the kids killed it.