The Burn / Kingpin SOS project spent the past week in Györ, Hungary, fixing the local skatepark. Along for the ride at this stop were Bellows Skateboards and Vision Ramps. If the Warsaw stop in Wilanowska was cold and rainy, then this one was the exact opposite. Shithot and sunny.


This is what found in Györ. And as haggard as it may seem, this park is loved by the locals and serves as the central spot in town, holding the scene together.


After a day of welding to fix a worn-out ledge with a fresh angle iron, Nachete tries it out with a nosegrind.


Rasmus opens up the freshly built China bank.


We took a couple of escapes to Vienna. Daniel tried another frontside flip in the sweltering midday heat for about two hours, then nailed this one at dusk in a few goes.


Rasmus feebles a new bank to an old block.

Next stop in a month or so, stay tuned!