Around midday yesterday, Thursday 29th, a shitstorm broke loose on German women's magazine Brigitte, who's online edition had posted an article by Brigitte editor Bianka Echtermeyer titleing "Grown men on skateboards: Step off Sir!".

The author is claiming: men beyond 25 should let go of kid's toys and much rather stick to football or fast cars if they feel the need for a hobby. Having relocated from the posh Hamburg district, Eppendorf to urban and multi-cultural St.Pauli, she draws a picture of grown men smelling of last night's party, playing with kids that are not their kids, which would get her "really annoyed", going on to state, she'd "love to grab them by the greying tuft and scream: ’Stop it, let go! You're too old for this!", ending with: "Seriously: growing up isn’t all that bad. Promise."

Well, it seems good Bianka and the mag Brigitte weren't ready for the www. because once the first people had caught on to her narrow-minded, bourgeoise rant, comments started to snow-ball on Brigitte's site, on facebook and twitter, even big-time German news page Spiegel Online commented on the faux-pas. Being caught off guard, shocked Brigitte took the article off the net at 15:10 Thursday afternoon,  pleeding on freedom of speech for their editor and the magazine, and that users had no right to criticise in an inappropriate way (which – as far as I'm concerned – were few and far between). However, too late, Brigitte's FB site got flooded with more comments (I can only recommend it to any German speaking, quite a funny read!). So they put the article back online "for documentary purpose", stating it was a "misunderstanding". This course of action frantically went back and forth until the editorial staff made a 180 by ways of a formal apology for anyone who felt offended.

Until now, Friday 10:18, in less than 24 hours the article site alone has counted 1482 comments, 6,6k likes on FB and has been tweeted 153, and it's still going on…

Have a look, have a laugh, and keep rolling! Boys, men, girls and women of all ages!


One of many funny reply: Jimmy Vau came up with this sick fake cover mock up.