So the Hi-Fi promo is up and it's sick, featuring Olly Todd, Dune, Tony Manfre, Cooper Wilt, Nate Broussard, Bobby Puleo, Jack Sabback among others.

If you liked what you saw, you can download it here.

Youness Amrani and friends have a clip up on the Tacky site.

In case you haven't seen it by now, check the Matix Europe Tour clip here, featuring Danny Brady, Lem Villemin, JB Gillet, Jesus Fernandez, Kristian Bomholt and other important Euros.

Danny Way is officially the quickest dude on a skateboard after setting the record at 74mph. That's something like 103 km/h. Didn't know there was such a record, but there you go, there sure is one now. Check the photographic evidence at the DC site. The picture don't lie!

Man of the hour, Chaz Ortiz has some new(ish) footage on the Bones site.

Feed this, it's an Adio blog called Adio Visual, and it's promising to have regular updates from Travis Howell, Ian O'Connor and Brian Lotti. I'd say it can't go wrong with these dudes on board.