If you are not familiar with THE BIG PUSH you should be ashamed! What started off as Document Magazine's answer to the successful Thrahser KOTR series has now been suckled to maturity on the teat of Sidewalk Magazine. It's basically the top British skaters in a van for a week, travelling around the UK, shredding the gnar.

From Lintell's rail-cruising smooth, Chewy's hyper-speed maddness, Barney Page's tech-footery and the burl of Stu Graham, there's something for everyone. The new and the seasoned get their chance to show what they're made of.

You can cast your vote for winning team here and watch the edits below to decide who that vote goes to...

^ Adidas

^ DC

^ Nike SB

^ ├ęS

^ Vans

^ IPath

^ Shiner