Tallinn skatepark Haigla rebuilding? We'll see about that. The plans, however, look extremely nice. Extremely. Nice. Unfortunately it turns out that these are the first plans drawn before the park was opened, not fresh plans for rebuilding the current set up. Maybe some day though!

Meanwhile, The Perus Crew are currently planning another assault on the Estonian capital. Hope it won't be on the weekend of 8.-9.5., like initially planned, as that clashes with the Skate Olympix pretty severely. Speaking of which, we'll be heading there with Deeli and Henry on tow, so make sure you check back here that weekend for some barrel jumping, flatlanding Olympix footy. Below, said Perus Crew at the new block party lot in a Helsinki suburb. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzV3z_5Fsqs