Almost ten tricks. Love that kid.

Michael Sommer is here too as you've probably seen from the pages of this magazine. Or should we say Mike Summer. Can't wait to get a copy of Monsoon - the Norwegian movie in which Mike's got the ender.

And Jussi Korhonen is in China. Good luck out there home boy.

Oh sheeeet new Kingpin in a brown envelope gotta take a loooong break. Mike Summer, Javi Paredes on da DC trip what else hey Chris Oliver here daaaamn hi sheet and Cliche goes Spain and JB Gillet niiice. Oh no from the breaking rumors Chris has just moved to StokeD Newington next to Tim's into "that house". God save the Queen. Gotta love crappy mobile shots. Tim and Sid sipping in tha east.

(and if you haven't seen it yet check out Henry's London mag Grey Over and out from here!