It's not easy get magazines off the ground these days, when everything is supposed to be free, digital, instant and by extension disposable. Working for a magazine I'm obviously biased on this, but I still believe that having something in print will be nice when ten years have gone by and the link's gone dead and the latest plugin won't play the old clip. Looking at the number of amazing printed magazines that have started in the past few years, like Dank in Oslo and Grey in London for example, I have a feeling I'm not alone on this. Open the drawer, pull out the old copy of the mag with your mate's photo in it and you'll remember the session, the atmosphere, the good times when all you had to worry about was to get up in the morning, discover the city, skate all day and fall a sleep exhausted, already excited about the prospect of the following day. Because mark my words, those days will inevitably come to an end, and as much as the edits and photos might get you stoked when they first appear, they will also have an after life as memories. Below is the top drawer of my desk. In it, the photo from ca, -91 by Miki Vuckovich of my friend Tero Partanen. This was the first time I saw someone local who I a skated with in an international magazine. I've kept the page of the mag and as I've thought about it later, it's possible that this is the reason I'm doing what I'm doing now.

Tero1 001

Well, wandering off on tangents there. In any case, Allen Ying is asking for your support to get some more of those memories printed on paper for everyone to keep. The new magazine will be called 43 Magazine. You can help him out by donating whatever you can afford here. The way it works is that no one's credit card gets charged, until the necessary total is pledged. That means you won't be the sucker who donated 50 bucks to a project that never saw daylight.