The new Kingpin issue is out, and by the time you read this you are likely to have heard of the Youness Amrani wizardry it features. His switch frontside flip on cover is just as insane as everything else he's managed to come up with for his 18 page interview. A ten stair feeble grind to manual?!  No wonder he's been nominated for Kingpin reader's 2012 skater of the year. By the way if you still haven't voted, hurry up and cast your votes here.

This issue also features an Effect with Cliché's flow rider Mauro Caruso. This guy has been killing it for ages, this part came out for his Shine On back in 2009, and since then he's been on a rampage.  I hope we get a chance to see a few clips of him in their upcoming video!

Vivien Feil, Jimmy Lannon and the rest of the Magenta gang go to Japan.

Adidas international shot an article in Valencia, I think some of the footage from the trip can be found in this edit. Chewy Cannon coverage is always a treat.

We also spent a week with this years Vans Shop Riot Winners Streetmarket in their hometown. As the both the article and the footage illustrate, it was one hell of a productive week.

You've even got two Alex Olson photos in there, so go and get yourself a copy!