This issue is all about one of the rawest and raddest aspects of skateboarding: DIY.

Set in Stone is a DIY project we concocted with Carhartt & Emerica. A select, yet eclectic crew, set about visiting half-finished DIY spots throughout Europe, lending a hand pouring 'crete, sampling their local brews and, of course, getting some serious skating done too.

Each stop of Set in Stone has its own article and sick edit and the videos start dropping one-a-week for a month as of the 31st of January, so stay tuned!

Each of the stops on our mission from last summer (Berlin, Germany; Brescia, Italy, Sheffield, England and Helsinki, Finland) was a blast and we met some of the raddest dudes out there. Thanks to them all.

There's plenty more in this issue too, we also feature some of the the raddest home-builds out there, speak to the guys who know best and also some basic knowledge about how to DO IT YOURSELF. Get inspired.

Oh yeah, and to top it off there's a limited edition subs deal of 100 Polar X Kingpin X Carhartt decks.. That's a deck and 12 issues to your door for less than the cost of a deck! Boom!

Check out the dope teaser for Set in Stone by Sam Bailey below.

Check back Monday for the first of 4 edits.