October issue of Kingpin is out on the newsstand and at your local skateshop. If you don't see it there, ask the slob behind the counter what's up. Inside the mag this month we have a DVS Berlin tour article along with an edit featuring Marty Murawski, Paul Shier, Lucien Clarke, Boris Proust, Ricardo Paterno, Luis Taubert, Flo Mirtain, Luis Tolentino, Adrien Collard and guests Sylvain Tognelli and Danny Brady. Shier returns under the bridge by the river Spree for the trick that's been haunting him for years now. Check the mag to see what happens, Larry.

We've got a Benny Fairfax interview, long time in the making, well worth the effort. Frido Fiebinger is in Effect and DC go on the riot tour back and forth through Scandinavia and Germany with Chris Cole and Wes Kremer among others. Rodney Mullen has a word. Word. Go spend your lunch money - for the price of a few tunes on iTunes only. Or subscribe it here for hassle free home delivery.

Until next month, see you at the bottom of the stairs!