Kingpin 81 is out and about, catch one at your local skate shop or newsstand.

This month, we take the road to Germany, twice, first with Matix and then with Nike SB Europe. Expect many a household name going off. Brady. Youness. JB. Simo. Marty. Jugga. You get the drift. The French hotshoes of Adrien Bulard get the Expand this month on top of his involvement with the SB Berlin outing.

The Grenoble straight shooter Max Genin gets his gnarboots on for his Effect. In his interview Ignacio Morata talks up football and surfing and serves a full table of tricks and finesse.

In addition, Titus goes down memory lane, Vaughan Baker shares his life experience and P-Rod goes on record for Dani Lebron.

Stefan Marx also did us this limited run exclusive subs deal tee shirt. Click here to get your self one (and 12 magazines full of radical skateboarding.)

Off you go, get some.