Little behind on this months post what with CPH and DTSD taking place (Check issue 105 for full coverage) over the last 2 weeks.

First off, the guy risking it for biscuits up there is Dallas Rockvam of Antiz Skateboards who just turned 10 – Antiz, not Dallas – and went on a jaunt to southern Spain with Sem Rubio to celebrate. The resulting photography appears in the same issue somewhere and, as always where Sem is concerned, awesome.

We kicked off the inaugural, annual, Builders' Jam at 2er in Hannover, Germany too, beers got drank, concrete was poured best-times-ever were had.

Cliché's Little Spinach, Daniel Espinoza, gets a roasting from Giovanni Reda to accompany the documentation his insane abilities on the board and Element's Ruben Rodriguez powers through in his interview too.

What else? Well, there's Converse Fix to Ride, Rob Maatman's brother Jelle, a bloody good Pearls of Wisdom from Maxime Rosenbauer a sick new tee from James 'Barf' Callahan and plenty more.

In shops now.