Vans Taking The Piss In Lisbon

Coblestones, sardines, fado music, cheap drinks and year round sunshine, thats what comes to most peoples mind when they think of Lisbon, even if you are skater, when you hear the name of the Portuguese capital you won't think too much about skating, spots or tricks. Luckily things are slowly but steadily changing. These last years more and more skaters have been finding out the gems of this historic city. Speaking of history it's not just about the monuments of remembrance of the good old days when this city was the capital of the empire, we have skate history too! You don't believe me? Just check out some of the photos on this article shot at skateparks older than your nanny's mom. In fact one of the first skateboard factories in Europe ever was the Fundição de Oeiras back in the late 60's ( I bet you didn't see this one coming!) The local scene has been small but consistent trough all the different “ages” of contemporary skateboarding and has also had our heroes and villains, Luis Paulo and his vert crew back in the 80's Ricardo Fonseca and the Pontinha neighbourhood crew from the 90's trough the infamous Helder Lima gang in the 2000s – we had them all. You don't recognise any of these names? Don't worry, they were all before social media times, so you have an excuse. Anyway this is not about them, this is about the present and the future of one of the still untouched paradises of skateboarding in Europe. Seen best on these photos and in these tricks of our good friends from Vans, who came by just a couple of weeks ago in the middle of the Portuguese Fall. Theres more to this city than meets the eye, and although the city is changing, don't worry the sun is not going anywhere at least for the next billion years or so – and we still have plenty of sardines and cheap drinks for all you guys… see you in Lisbon soon.

Josh Young – nosegrind.

This spot is probably one of the finest examples of a street hip you will come across, minus the knackered floor and zebra crossing just before the take off.

I had to come back to this one right before getting my head down for the 4am flight as I blew it during the first session here, it got dark and I got over it. Alas, the trick gone done during round 2 and DVL made it look absolutely fantastic. Cheers Davy. Nice light as well.

Josh Young, ollie

Josh Young – ollie.

Admittedly I snaked this one from Vaughan Jones as he was too pussy to land it on the National trip to Lisbon last year. But the ollie was the warm up for the 180 and so I guess this was the best out of the two. Either way, thanks again Davy for being fantastic.

Victor Pellegrin, smith

Victor Pellegrin – smith grind.

“Who iz zis dick?”

The ride out of this smith was treacherous, as you can probably see here. The curb is at an awkward angle meaning you need to ride out at near enough 90 degrees to avoid eating certain shit. Victor is a French savage though so tackling this was no real issue. The real issue actually came in the form of some old guy who stood and watched the whole session having called the police early on but not having asked us to leave. The police turned up and informed us that the guy had called them to chuck us out, which lead Victor to lose his rag and stand shouting at the old guy “who iz zis dick?”.

The police, who genuinely couldn’t give a fuck, were then forced to try and act professional whilst clearly wanting to piss themselves laughing.

“Who iz zis dick?”

Sam Partaix – wallie Japan.

This spot is over the water from Lisbon in the nearby town/skate haven of Almada. The plaza that this stack of bricks resides in is a staple of any passing trip, though Sam found a new line at a heavily sessioned spot and thrusted this wallie Japan grab right out the top of this sturdy old wall. I think even Alex Moul would stamp some approval on this one.

Daan van der Linden – handplant.

Aside from having stinking athletes foot and being steaming drunk all day every day, the skateboard artist known as Daaaaaaaanvanderlinden managed to kill it on and off his skateboard from pretty much the get go. But that’s second nature to the little shit so no surprises there.

He did this wonderful handlplant, whilst in between tries quizzing me about Swindon. What a lovely photo.

Victor Pellegrin – wallie, train station

This idea was doomed from the get go, nightmare security, passing pedestrians, rush hour the list goes on. Luckily, reminiscent to Hercules, Victor is a legend and made it happen quick style. But more impressively as he rode away he splatted in to the escalator situated directly at the bottom of the bank. He managed to sneak in a few more successful attempts before being ejected by impressed, but pissed off security… Tres bien Garlic!

Victor Pellegrin – kickflip wallride

Out of brown, into the pink, kickflip wallride without a care in the world about such things as cystitis. Victor is a charismatic young Frenchman who’s bloody good on his skateboard and looks like a 1970s porn star, which might explain his unorthodox direction of travel here. He’s from Toulouse though, and doesn’t take shit from…anyone really. See the previous caption…

Ross McGouran – 5050 transfer.

This spot is a proper rugged little number, and as such, Ross was the only person who could be bothered to skate it. No run up, narrow run out, dog shit all over the place… it’s safe to say that enthusiasm wasn’t really running at a high for this one.

But being the London based Irish beast that he is, Mr McGouran battled through the elements and stuck this 5050 transfer, popping into the bank with no trouble whatsoever. Classic Ross…

Josh Young – bank to bank ollie.

I’d been to this spot on a trip to Lisbon last year and spied this line just as we were getting served ‘das boot’ by some disgruntled residents. This time around we had the pleasure of dealing with some more angry locals, but we also had a backbench of OAPs approving of our antics that were telling us to ignore the others and carry on with the session. So we did. And I managed to get away with leaping over the rocks between the banks.

Tres mas? Aye, go on then…

Danny Wainwright – wallride.

Nestor Suki, one of our waffle brethren from Greece, had the misfortune of nearly snapping his neck in two trying to wallie a dome just before this wallride went down. As we left the dome, the bossman himself Danny-fucking-Wainwright spotted this little gem, so pulled the convoy over in order to tackle this hydrant dodging wallride. It’s the most enthusiastic I’ve seen Danny about a trick in a very long time. (laughs).

As Danny was getting his head around his trick, a load of old boys from a nearby bar came out to spectate and proceeded to feed Danny wine in between attempts. The try before the make, Danny slammed his hip into the side of a Honda Jazz, giving him the perfect excuse to neck another glass of red vino. He made it next try. Tres mas!

Daan van der Linden – back tail.

This spot was located round the back of an abandoned mansion. Once upon a time I’m sure some stars of a Lisbon soap opera once inhabited the place, but alas those days have passed and now the grounds are occupied by a colourful cast of squatters.

Luckily the squatters have no real use for this knackered swimming pool, so we snuck around the back of the place, Paco unleashed the drone and Daan powered through some insanley slippery surfaces in order to bring you this stunning back tail. Dot dot dot steeeeeeez…

Sam Partaix floating backside over an ancient Lisbon skatepark hip.

Sam Partaix – crossbone.

This skatepark is well old. It goes back at least as far as 2008. Maybe even older. In fact, local legend has it that it might even be older than Danny Wainwright himself. I’m not sure about that though as Danny is getting on a bit these days.

Anyway, the park was 25 minutes south of Almada, mosquito infested and covered in those European helicopter leaves that love stopping you dead in your tracks at any given opportunity. Luckily Paco put his drone to alternative use as a leaf blower and cleared the park of helicopters in no time, whilst the rest of us took shelter in the van avoiding those bastard mosquitos. Sam blasted this bowl to bowl crossbone, then me, Rich Smith and Danny went and dropped some serious coin in a local desert shop.

Ross McGouran – gap to 5-0.

This photo is so white that I’m surprised Stephen Fry isn’t lurking around in the bottom right hand corner trying to tell Ross some uber-interesting facts midway through his trick. As it stands, Stephen Fry wasn’t on hand so we’ll just have to make do with Ross and his cute little red face balancing through a hefty gap to backside 5-0, complete with everybody’s favourite landing surface – ‘uphill ride out’.

The local gully badmen were also hyped, mostly on the weed purchases.

Daan van der Linden, gap to wallride.

Daan – ollie over to window-ride.

I was at this same spot last winter when skateboarding legend Neil Smith ollied over the same bump driveway to grind down a post that had conveniently been driven into. Following the landing of such an epic stunt, the local authorities removed the pole because something of that magnitude can never be topped.

Daaaaaaaaaan isn’t one to abide by these rules and so ollied over the bump to ride on the sodding window instead. I’ve no idea how he did this, the window he was landing on was so narrow. But Daan’s a freak so I’m not even going to bother start looking for reasoning here. It’s just plain insane.

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