Roofied in Rome… DC Hit Europe

Yep that’s right, shit got hectic. The best part is that I had no idea Rome was a part of the trip itinerary. This was a 10-day trip, including a week in Portugal, followed by three days in Bordeaux, France. I had already been out on a five week Euro adventure so I was pretty rough around the edges to begin with.

This trip started for me the second I got dragged out of We Got Beef, the legendary bar in Finland, to catch my 5:30 AM flight to Lisbon. I almost didn’t make it out due to a face-melting situation I had got myself into involving Andy McCoy. I instantly became his “San Diego Homie” when he found me mummified in toilet paper outside the Beef. Luckily my Finnish homie Jussi, “Chef”, somehow pulled me out of the vortex and got me out of there. We got back to his car, took care of some banger management, cracked some Lonkeros (Finnish Long Drink), and hit the road for the airport.

The flight was on time and non-stop to Portugal. I got into Lisbon and was greeted by the DC Portugal team manager, Francisco Lopez. We quickly became homies, and he was showing us around the whole time, such a legend. Shortly after I got there, the LA crew arrived and I welcomed them with open armpits. They were happy to see me, but could clearly smell that I had been on the road for a little bit. Francisco hooked us up with a ride to the hotel were we checked in and waited for the rest of the crew to arrive. When the crew got assembled, it was on. The posse consisted on Me (Krust), Hyde (Jimmy Astleford), Stonefaaace (Gaston Francisco), Speed Demon (Josef Scott Jatta), Buhgaaaandy (Matt Miller), Funk (Tristan Funkhouser), Uncle Dave (Davis Torgerson), Mikey Days (self-explainatory), Hodus (Chris Cole), Axl Ray (Chris Ray), and Blaaaaze (Mike Blabac)!!! From the Portugal Crew, we had Cisco (Francisco Lopez), Pedro Roseiro, Jorge Simoes, and Tiago Lopes. All straight-up G’s and thank you all so much for making the trip as epic as it was.

We had a solid posse and the posse was on Broadway according to Sir Mix Alot. We stayed in Lisbon for five days. We skated some sick street spots, did a demo, and all the locals were real friendly and welcoming. It was the first time in Portugal for all of us foreigners except Stonefaaace, and we all left with an amazing first impression.

I personally got a really good vibe from the city and all the people I met were all very nice. First day, first spot, we skated some bump to wallride thing in front of an apartment complex. Some of the local OG’s weren’t too stoked on us skating, but all the kids were losing their minds. They were taking boards left and right all trying to get some. I saw nothing but smiles as they were attempting to roll around the plaza. The kids were killing it and when it was time to leave, we couldn’t pry our boards from their fingertips.

Afterwards, we headed to this little gap into the street with a bank you can roll into and hit the gap, no push. Funk got super sparked and banged out a couple lines before most of us got out of the van. The spot was poppin’ off. Even our TM, Hyde, was attacking the spot with some switch O’s. A little later, Speed Demon and Stonefaaace showed up to the spot, fresh from the airport to continue the hype. The trip was now in full effect. These dudes went straight to work, well, after we got all caught up with a couple lung-stretches of course. Within 15 minutes of being there, Demon left with a gangster-ass line and Faaace left with an ill sequence. Not to mention all the shit Funk threw down, as well as the banger of a manoeuvre Jorge got. Heads came in hot at the spot.

Next on the list was this 9-stair hubba. First one out of the van and onto the hubba was none other than Hyde!!! Fresh from the States, Hyde was hungry to skate. He battled the life out of this krook of death. The hubba was pretty toothless; crust-factor was pretty high. Funk hopped up there too and got some pretty quick and steezy. We ended that day with a proper session at a local park that Cisco designed. There was a real fun bowl that Funk and Demon got familiar with real quick. Shit was going off and they were speeding around the place. Good times.

Aside from the tight skate spots, the food and drinks were insane as well. The first night, we cooked steaks like we’ve never cooked them before. These steaks were served on a hot block of marble. The steak sits there and cooks as you cut off custom strips to set aside and cook to your perfection. Some baller shit; I was losing it! They also have amazing wine there, especially Sangria!

The next day was demo day. Luckily the park was real good so we had no problem performing a demonstration. The park had good flow and a good crowd of people to hype up the sesh. Everyone from our posse was cruising around, getting some, and fueling the fire. The crowd favourite was definitely the Funk. The Funk was bringing some serious “demo god” hype to the people. He was just nonstop skating everywhere in the park. Flying in and out of quarter pipes, jumping down the big gaps, rifling trick after trick over the pyramid, and all with a big smile on his face as well as the smiles of everyone watching in the crowd.

Pretty much everyone was all around ripping the park, from our crew and the Portugal crew. I got too caught up watching everyone else shredding most of the time. Heads were killing it, and I hope we provided Lisbon with the skating they came to see.

We had another shop appearance the following day at the Quiksilver store an hour away in Ericeira. This was supposed to be a signing/BBQ or something mellow like that. We were told it was no worries whether or not we skated the park. Most of us decided to roll around a bit, but then slowly all the locals stopped skating and sat back to watch. After the signing, the mellow BBQ quickly turned into a one-man demo featuring Hodus himself. I feel like he was just rolling around out of respect and the skate rat in his blood. Next thing you know, a crowd forms and he’s flingin’ tre flip grinds down the hubba. Definitely earning his burger by that point, but there was no queue, just straight Cole.

Randomly enough, we had two back-to-back birthdays on the trip. We got to celebrate Speed Demon’s birthday on the 7th and Buhgaaandy’s on the 8th. With two birthdays in a row, we were all really looking forward to going out and experiencing the night life on this trip, but unfortunately we stayed too close to the airport to even bother with going out. For both the birthday celebrations, we had some smokey nights including some imported Lonkero’s and a couple heavy games of Yahtzee with heavy wager matches. Happy B-day Homies!

Next on our agenda was a two-day stay in Porto. We drove there from Lisbon, and on the way we ended up stopping at this huge DIY plaza they built in this small town. The DIY was solid, full of mini QP’s, a snake run alley, and all around good times. Low impact – high fun!  After a day of melting at the DIY (it was hot), we finished the drive to Porto and hit up this crazy marble channel. It was a really fun and unique spot. There was a proper marble roll in that hooked you up with the initial speed for the channel. It was fun, but then someone brought out the football, which quickly took heads from the session into the circle of hack.

Our last day in Porto, we had a demo of course. The demo was at a street spot, this double set, but they had all these makeshift ramps set up to skate. It was a real mellow, like early millennium style set-up. I’d say demo god of the day was Uncle Dave…or should I say Super Dave! The demo was only live for maybe less than a half hour when I look over and see Davis launching over the guardrail of the roll-in bank. It didn’t come easy, he worked for that shit and I felt for him. I felt the pain, the pain of going fatty to splatty. He got it though, in legendary demo fashion, the kids swarmed him and he pretty much retired the street course and it was on to the next one, the double-set. The set was sessioned, the tricks were tried, and the tricks were executed. Jorge was the local hero of not only the town, but of the double-set as well. Every trick he did was either first or second go – and they were tricks that I can barely get away with on flat ground. Watching him skate, I couldn’t help, but think to myself: “How dare you!”. He killed it on and off the board. Fuck yeah Jorge!!! So we handled our last demo and it was time to go. Leaving from Porto to Bordeaux, there weren’t enough seats on the nonstop flight to Bordeaux, so four heads had to take a layover. Stonefaaace, T-Funk, Speed Demon, and myself were selected to take the other flight. The layover happened to be in Rome…

Upon our arrival in Rome, me, Stonefaaace, Funk, and Demon had to get boarding passes for Bordeaux. During the process, I got separated from the crew because the flight attendant lagged on printing out my boarding pass. I assumed everyone left to the gate at this point, so I just headed over there. We had like half an hour before the flight so I waited by a cafe next to the gate. I seen Josef walk over to me right after I sat down and it hyped me up to get a beer and pizza.

Josef and I got some beers and split a pizza. We sat close to the gate so we could keep an eye on it. We saw a couple of people lining up, but it didn’t look like our flight. After we finished the beer and pizza, we went over to the gate only to find the name on the screen wasn’t Bordeaux anymore. They claimed to have made an announcement, but we didn’t hear shit. We rescheduled another flight and the next one out was the following morning at 8am. Accepting the fact that we now had an extra day in Rome, we said, “Fuck it,” let’s see the city. So we checked into a hotel, dropped off our shit, grabbed what we needed, and took the train into the centre. Our mission for the day was nothing else but vacation. Me and Demon hit up all the tourist spots: The Coloseum, the Monument of Victor Emmanuel, numerous ruins and not to mention skating marble that was older than Jesus. It was incredible, getting a break from the trip in true tourist fashion and asking people left and right to take photos of us in front of the sites. Killing it, we kept convincing ourselves it was the best idea ever missing the flight. After all day of walking through the city, we wound up in some plaza with a crew of German exchange students including their teachers. They were all real nice and they were sharing a bottle of champagne the size of a small child.

They left so Demon and I went back to the train station to get back to the hotel, but we got back and it was closed. So we ended up going over to this other plaza where we heard we could find weed. While chilling there, drinking, and talking about life, this dude came up to us. He asks in Italian for what I think is a paper. I give him one and ask about some trees. The dude, goes by Stefano, has no English, is Egyptian, grew up in Italy, but somehow knows some Spanish. Me and Josef are trying to talk to him in broken Spanish and it turns out he has some weed. He takes us around the corner to roll up. Mid-joint, the dude pulls out a bottle of wine with no label and it’s half full, like someone has already drank from it. He offers it to us and I tell him ‘you first’, but he insists. So I drink it, pass to Josef, then pass it back, and he passed the joint back. I noticed that he didn’t drink any, but only after I drank it. I didn’t think anything of it because the dude was cool and hooked it up with a joint. No worries, right? So he tells Josef and I about this discotheque, and we hear some music nearby so it must be close. We walk for like 20 minutes, get to what looks like the side of an apartment building and Stefano says the disco is close. I looked around and realised I couldn’t see Josef anymore…

Next thing I know, it’s daylight. I’m somehow still in the centre of Rome and I am alone. I want to find out the time so I check my pockets for my Ipod and realise there’s nothing in my pocket: no iPod, no wallet, no disposable camera, no skateboard, no Josef… What happened? The only thing on my mind is the flight. I start trying to recognise where I am, but it’s unfamiliar and I’m in a serious daze. I somehow make my way back to the train station and sneak on the train heading back towards the hotel.

I get to the hotel expecting to see Josef and no Demon with an hour to spare until the flight. I lay down, waiting for him to show up and luckily he does. He shows up in the same situation, no wallet, and no iPhone, what the fuck. “We got fucking drugged!” Josef instantly starts just yelling and throwing shit around the room. Then it clicks to me that we got fucking roofied and no wonder I can’t remember shit from 3am to 6am. Time to pack up the rest of our shit and get out of there. Luckily, we still had our passports with us. It was 120 Euros to change the flights and none of us had any money because we just got jacked. Luckily, I had some money left over from my previous travels and it was enough to turn into a flight. We changed the flights and were on our way. After a 9-hour layover in Paris, we made it to Bordeaux. We got there, put in a claim for our lost bags from the original flight. Leaving the airport, we had no number for anyone, no address to the hotel, and everything in the airport was closing. This lady told us we could find a pay phone and the Internet up some stairs. On the way up, this dude in a suit came running up asking for Mr. Scott. We were so relieved, like, “Yes! We made it back on the trip! The driver was real cool too. He knew what was up with skating. First thing he called out was watching 411 and having a pair of Muska’s. He also bumped some Juicy J on the way to the hotel, which was absolutely life saving. Meeting back with the homies at the hotel felt like a dream come true. We told them the story and they were trippin’. Surviving roofies without waking up in a bathtub full of ice with a big scar going down your chest, or waking up with a sore corn hole. Thankfully we weren’t hurt and we still had our passports.

Josef and I had one day in Bordeaux. Did a signing, did a demo, then went out to a ping-pong bar with the G’s and had some serious battles. After getting pickled at the bar, me, Stonefaaace, Demon, and Anthony Morocco (switch backside flip to trashcan at MACBA) headed to the club. Morocco starts talking to these girls in French outside the club. I think it’s going all good, then I look over and the girl just punches Morocco in the face, like a solid punch. We were all so confused on why she punched him. Josef asks her why she punched Morocco, and then she punches Josef in the face. Josef pushes her and starts talking shit. Out of nowhere, this huge macho, MMA looking “Captain Save a Ho” starts swinging on Josef. I run over, push the guy off Josef and I’m telling this dude to chill out. Instead, he punched me in the face. Then he runs over to Stonefaaace and starts swinging at him. I run over and push him again off Faaace. I tell him to chill out, and he punches me in the face again, and then kicks my leg. I don’t fight back and he realises no one is trying to fight him. With that, he just yells in the middle of the street and goes back into the club. After that we were over it and just peaced out back to the hotel. We headed to the airport an hour later to go back to the States. Pretty hectic 48 hours, good times though. We truly learned from our mistakes: be careful when you’re travelling and partying. Oh yeah, and don’t miss your flights, don’t get caught slippin’, don’t get caught sippin’ that mystery wine, don’t fight, and don’t forget to keep the good times rollin’…

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