worst skatepark ever

Some skateparks are truly piss-poor excuses for concrete playgrounds.

Most skateparks you see are pretty rad creations, designed by skaters for skaters, but there's no denying that some parks are an abomination and deserve little more than to be named and shamed for all to witness.

Not only are they an eye-sore, but they offer little in the way of creativity or rationale. They're more likely to deter local riders than inspire them. Some aren't even skate-able!

Crazy Pyramid Skatepark

The more you look, the weirder it is. There's probably a man out there who would rip this to shreds, but until that day it'll remain the laughing stock of Mexborough in South Yorkshire.

You clearly don't need a run up to ride these old scaffold poles because they're probably being used as seating by park rats.


"That's it, just a little more. Left hand down. Straighten up. Perfect! Right, get the matches" said no one ever.

Is there a better way to ruin a skatepark?

Oval Skatepark

This park is perfect for, erm, absolutely nothing. We're not sure what the idea here is either. Skateboard relay racing anyone?

Two Bowls Skatepark

What was once two fine bowls is now...


... the biggest waste of concrete known to man. Local legend states that some dudes smashed out the drains in the original bowls and filled them with water to create their own swimming pools.

Obviously that didn't last long. Instead those cruisy bowls have been replaced with these below-average molehills.

Impossible skatepark

When designing a skatepark, it helps if the outcome is at least semi-rideable.

Whoever designed these obstacles must have been having a bad day at the office. The result is just absurd. Where the hell are you going to go from here?

worst skatepark ever
Bad Skatepark
Lonely Skate Ramp

When building a skatepark, you'd like to think that there would be a bit of a budget, maybe even a proper plan of action for the designers. Unfortunately that is not always the case.

These parks show either a) absolutely no funding, b) the laziest designers/builders ever, or c) someone actually thought that one lonely obstacle qualifies as a 'sick spot' to ride. How wrong they were.


What a monumental waste of space.

Countryside Skatepark

What better way to ruin our country's beauty than with this monstrosity!

Did they paint it green to try and camouflage their massive cock-up? It's a clear fail.

terrible skatepark

It seems the head designer was away the day some bright spark came up with this set up. Both obstacles here are unrideable to everyone, except for those with a death wish.

If skatepark design collaborated with Jig Saw to create Saw VIII, this is what it would look like. Just check out that gnarly red rail!

terrible skatepark