Family Affair_0007_Alex Olson Steve Olson Willie T

The Olson's are one of the more glamorous father/son partnerships in skateboarding - Steve having dated models and film stars whilst anything Alex does garners a lot of attention. Here's a bizarre video of them in Venice.

Family Affair_0006_IMG_2525JPeck Raven

Trunk Boy, Chocolate pro and one of the best transition skateboarders in modern skateboarding Raven Tershy is well connected in the industry. His cousins Nick and Joey Tershay being the owners of Diamond Supply Co and Ace Trucks respectively.

Family Affair_0005_Jesse Alba Salba Via Salbaland

Steve Alba and Mickey Alba held it down for years, well Steve did longer than Mickey, and Salba's son Jesse looks to be carrying on in that vein.

Family Affair_0004_kareem-campbell Skately

As well as being sponsored by two of skateboarding's more coveted companies, Fucking Awesome and Supreme, easily the coolest thing about Nakel is that Kareem Campbell is his uncle.


Skateboarders of a certain age will remember the Papas brothers from the vert circuit during the 90's. Those who don't will almost certainly know them from the film 'All This Mayhem' and the ensuing press that followed. Tas recounting telling Tony Hawk to 'fack off' won't ever stop being funny.


Vivien and Jean Feil are co-owners, along with Soy Panday, of Magenta Skateboards. Vivien heads up the business side of things, with Jean taking care of logistics and photography. Seems like a good time to mention another pair of French brothers who rip, Karim and Akim Cherif.

Family Affair_0000_Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 3.12.16 PM

The Taylor family have a real history in skateboarding, Thomas Taylor founded Atlanta's first skateboard shop 'Stratosphere' as well as mentoring Grant into the skateboarder he is today. Here's a dope clip of them both together.

Family Affair_0002_mike-carroll-portrait

Skateboarding's most famous brothers? OG EMB locals, not much more needs to be said. Check out this clip of them skating the legendary SF spot.


Two of the finest skateboarders the U.K has produced. Conhuir and Denis have been holding it down for years - as this slightly outdated day in the life demonstrates. Check Conhuir ripping for Slave and Denis in Albion if you're not familiar.

Family Affair_0008_01_FATHERS+DAY_MILLERS_BW_800px

One powerful transistion ripper produces another. The best anecdote we could find comes from Jeff Grosso's Loveletters to Skateboarding episode on 'Fathers' & Sons' which you should check out.