Meet the legendary Gapman! You're welcome.

When someone's ‘personal brand’ is this clichéd it’s hard to know where to even begin taking the piss. Particularly when they feel the need to use a woman’s naked body as a prop to market themselves.

Unless, of course, Dylan is far less interesting than he’d have us believe and all he's thinking about when he looks all brooding is tits or his next pose.

Despite almost certainly still living with his Mum and inventing countless tricks nobody has any interest in learning. Todd Falcon did give Ben Raybourn his first break, and could well be competing in Battle at the Berrics 8 if you go and VOTE FOR HIM!

Contrary to appearances Doug Brown isn't a new-age cult leader. He's a wholesomely marketed egomaniac who seems to spend the majority of his time spreading a 'moral' message to young children, imagine an evangelical Todd Falcon.

He's also released a book, Bliss of the Wind - My Life Off the Board,  which given the majority of his audience have only just learnt to read, probably isn't doing too well.

You can’t really front on The Chief’s (make your own jokes) skating. The opening shot, hair blowing in the wind, the Ennio Morricone score as if he’s about to have a game of S.K.A.T.E to the death though…

The inclusion of his X-Games Championship Best Trick clip in Welcome To Hell is also worth a mention:

How do you like them apples? Joe Moore gives us a Leeds version of that Sony advert with the bouncing balls. Oh and obviously he's a protégé of Todd Falcon:

Bam Margera; skateboarder, musician, professional idiot. A real renaissance man.

Here we see Bam doing what he did best (skateboarding), with a few bits of Dad-bothering thrown in there for good measure.

Open up YouTube and type in 'sponsor me' or better yet 'sponcer me' and you will find hundreds of these sorts of videos.

There's a kind of schadenfreude in watching naive kids film themselves doing slo-mo kickflips in their parents' garage. Sort of like the skateboarding equivalent of bad X Factor auditions.

Funny in all the right ways. The imitable Chris Milic with a self-filmed and edited video part.

The Strongest of the Strange is undeniably rad. Starting the film with footage of yourself in a gas mask with your trousers round your ankles like a lurker at a BDSM club is, however, pretty funny.