Phone Video

This Top 10 article features some of our favourite phone edits of all time.  As always, there are more that could go in the list, but as the name of the article suggests, only ten could be included... For now, enjoy our selection and get inspired.

Lucas Puig has been seriously killing it with his iPhone output. As with almost all of his footage, he's way ahead of the game. These twelve skatepark bangers are from individual Instagram posts, combined into one web edit, and there is no doubt the edit is amazing. I think the main benefit of recording on your phone is that you always have it to hand, therefore it's easier to catch those moments that would otherwise be missed. On top of that, us as a viewer get a much more realistic, rounded impression of the skater themselves. I think that's what people dig so much about this one, you get a sense of Lucas' character as well as his unbelievable ability.

Raymond Molinar's 'Red Red Lines' iPhone edit takes the medium to a more serious level. With the addition of the increasingly popular iPhone fisheye, Molinar's edit resembles that of an officially filmed montage. However, with the welcome accompaniment of some funny fillers and antics, the fun and careless vibe here is strong. This cool little video features skating from Alex Schmidt, Raymond Molinar, Johan Stuckey, Grant Yansura, Gilbert Crockett, Daryl Angel, Austyn Gillette and Brian Delatorre. How can you go wrong with that line up?

Cellout Montage 2 is the latest instalment from Brent O'Donnell and his crew. A little while ago they released an entire video with individual parts, all captured on the trusty camera phone. Along with that video, they released a 'Cellout Montage' and now a sequel. I really enjoy these phone edits as they include not only some really gnarly skating, but have a strong energy and craziness to them. At some points I almost found myself laughing... Along with the montages, I've included Gilbert Crockett's Cellout Part. His section is really entertaining and as well as proving that Gilbert has an incredible popping ability, features some of the weirdest shit you will ever see in a little web edit. These guys just have fun, and that's what's important.

CELLOUT Montage 1

Gilbert Crockett CELLOUT Part

The Hélas guys really do rule when it comes to iPhone edits. They go all out, and this full part featuring Brian Peacock is particularly nuts. People usually just do really quick, simple lines and tricks when recording on a phone, but Brian Peacock comes through with some next level stuff here. On the other hand, maybe all this stuff was just really easy for him to film, proving just how sick of a skater he is. That's another thing that I really enjoy about iPhone edits, it's almost like skating with the crew; you get to see what they're like when they're just chillin' and in this case, just how good they actually are.

As everybody knows, those guys over in Barcelona kill it. This iPhone edit backs it up to the fullest. With this edit, we are exposed to just how amazing some of those dude actually are, and how seemingly easy some of the hardest tricks imaginable are for them. As with most of these iPhone edits, we get an insider view of the scene, and that's something most regular edits can't provide. To add to the chilled out atmosphere, this iPhone edit packs in an unbelievable amount of incomprehensible tricks into an eight minute chunk of radness. Once it's over, you kind of don't know what to do with yourself. It's actually that nuts...

Here's episode 2:

Nokia gave Boris Proust some money to film this phone edit with Cliché riders Maxime Géronzi and Flo Mirtain in the Republic of Togo. The result was this stylish, relaxed edit documenting their trip and the gnarly skating that went down. They destroy some seriously sketchy spots as well as finding a few gems. This phone edit really stands out from the rest, but in a good way. The level of skating's strong and the cinematography is great. You almost tend to forget it was filmed on a phone...

This sick montage comes straight from the phone of Josh Kalis. The fact that everyone's clips get used in this one, both the pros and the kids is probably one of my favorite things about it. Almost makes you really feel like you're there...

This one's pretty weird. Oski brings us a little glimpse into a private session with himself and Pontus Alv. Pontus kills it at the famous DIY spot 'TBS' as well as on the streets of Malmö. He also goes kinda crazy and does some odd stuff... Definitely a fun one for sure.

Straight outta New York City, the Green Diamond brings you a full section of Yaje Popson, all filmed on the good old iPhone. This edit's got some banging skating, jokes random shit, cool sketchy stuff... oh and that infamous terrible fisheye that lets you see about one quarter of the full image. All in all a really rad iPhone edit...

Fred Mortagne's contribution to the camera phone edit world is this sick video of JB Gillet shredding the legendary Hotel De Ville spot in Lyon. Although these little edits are funded and presented by Nokia, there's something quite cool and fun about them. JB absolutely smashes it here and it all seems so easy. The best thing about edits filmed with phones is that they have such a relaxed feel. There's not that pressure of having a big, professional camera and filmer following you super close, and that overwhelming feeling when you don't land something; that you're wasting their time. Phone edits are all about friends, fun and capturing an essence of the session. The session doesn't revolve around filming, the phone just records whatever goes down.