Words: Jonny Bairstow

Some skate companies advertise their product by showcasing what their talented pro team can do with it. Others just try to burn their message into your brain with humour, shock value and the straight calling-out of competitors. The latter are obviously more interesting, so here are ten of the best.

1. Enjoi

enjoi 1

Between jokes about Raemers' supposed deficient IQ level, Louie's creepy charm and Jerry's role as the token Asian, the Enjoi crew of oddballs have a goldmine of comedy material at their disposal for this classic series of ads.

2. Luan on team handsome

Luan Team Handsome

Do we have an official list for team handsome yet? Do they get photo incentives when they look particularly gorgeous? Do you actually need to be handsome or do you just need a plunging v-neck and a cancer stick? We need answers.

3. Shorty's Grossa

Shortys Grossa

Forget the Hubba girls, Rosa is the classic skate ad babe. Imagine the terror a nation of 14 year old boys felt as they ran upstairs with the latest edition of Thrasher, eagerly thumbed through to find their beloved Rosa, and instead came across Grossa, her arguably less attractive replacement.

4. Anti Hero


Anti Hero's DIY style ads serve to allow us mere mortals a glimpse of the dream. Or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.

5. Skate Mental


If your name is as bad as Skate Mental, everything else you put out is going to have to make up for it. With advert and board graphics including everything from weed and rabies to terrorism and nudity, Skate Mental are bringing the controversy back to an increasingly bland industry, something that can only be welcomed.

6. World/Foundation beef

skate ads

I wish skate-beefs like this still existed. After the long-running World Industries/Foundation feud, Rocco boasts about the theft of Richard Mulder from Foundation in the very same magazine that Foundation had just paid to announce him as part of their team. As you can guess, they weren't too pleased...


7. Anarchy Sunglasses


In 2014 this advert might end your career. Unless your name is Garrett Hill.

8. Consolidated


The anti-Nike “Don't Do It" campaign seems to have faded away in recent years, probably because Consolidated have become about as relevant as Enuff, and bankrupted themselves producing a load of hilarious shoes with bananas on the side before they realised they wouldn't sell a single pair. A* for effort though.

9. Duffs


More surreal than slapstick, I always looked forward to seeing what the Duffs creative team would come up with next, and loyally pinned each ad to my bedroom wall after I tore it out of the magazine. Never made me want to buy any Duffs though...

10. OP Sunwear


Okay, this one isn't intended to be funny but just look at it. I can't believe anyone looked at this photo and thought, I want to be that guy. No offence Bob. On a side note, this picture of him at the 1965 World Freestyle Championship is pretty nuts, look at that crowd...