7 sick plys

If you had to pick a spot for a skate slash artsy-type sesh, you could do worse than pick Athens. Theoharis from Propaganda Rollin Co picked Athens. His 7 Ply circus came to town for the 3rd year running. 7 Ply hit hot weekend in May. Hari’s concept is simple: Sunshine, good tunes, sick shredding, bit of art and mucho mayhem. He’s got a little mini ramp complex. Said complex sits in mothballs on top of the Vans warehouse most of the year. He brings it out for 7 Ply to catch some sun and get worked. It’s a little 4 sheet wide, shoulder high get up. It’s got a bigger and tighter one attached to it at an angle for transfers. Hari runs comps on the thing. He hands out cash money for winners. The Greeks are no shralpers. Tourists took notice. The tourists grabbed prices - the Greeks got robbed. Twelve hundred for first price.

Hari set up an eightsky for best trick. The stairs were big. The rail was steep. The Greeks went off. The crowds went nuts. The tourists stood back. The tourists gave up. Giannis gave out grinds, Nikos nailed nollies, Thanos served slides switch. The tourists stood slack jawed, drooling and drinking. Nikos nailed nollie flip board slides. Best trick bonus: Five c-notes for Nikos. Man-size Molohtos, malaka!

Check the dates and details for 7 Ply 2010 here.