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Grinding is the best right? 50-50’s are indeed a time-tested favourite. Aside from the excellent sensation that an axel grind gives you, the noise is also very pleasant to the seasoned ear. 50-50’s have been getting well explored since the invention of the truck and over recent years the gnar and length factor has smashed through the ceiling.

From curbs to flat bars and rails we have taken a look back at some of the longer double truckers that have stoked us over the ages. Hats off to the all daredevils and slappy dogs out there. Oh yeah: this one goes out to anyone who has ever had enough time to multi task during a 50-50.

Dane did his best at shutting down the 50-50 for good late last year with his Municipal Courthouse rail in Philly. He is one of the more prolific double truck attackers on the planet and you can pretty much name any variety of beast and he has grinded it. This lengthy one taken from his Positive Energy part is well worth a gander.

One of the true joys of California are the thickly painted red curbs. Kyle Anderson hops on board one extended grind in this puppy. As he exits (he even takes it a little around the corner) one has to ask: Where is this? Let’s go there immediately.

What would have been a fantasy rail of yesteryear has somehow became a reality. This didn’t even make the cover of Thrasher but acts as a reminder of what stunt you might have to do to make the contents page these days. The kink is pumped (not just taken) with the utmost control.

Admittedly the 50-50 is one of the basics, but there is no one that has taken the basics to further extremes than John Cardiel. This Union Square 50-50 will go down in history for its length, general skateabilty and location. Thanks for yet another pinnacle moment in skateboarding Mr Cardiel.

When I asked a people about the longest 50-50’s they had seen, pretty much everyone listed Matt Beach’s bridge traverser one as the king. It is almost comically long. The best bit is that he takes a 50/50 down the escalator to end it. So good. Imagine driving past on the bridge and seeing that!

This was one of the first 50-50 grinds that went beyond the short story genre and entered that of the novel. This mildly kinked double trucker in Chicago is not just super lengthy but demands a decent snap to get onto. Trivia note: Underdog Eric Murphy boardslid this in an early 90’s acme video!

Long is good. Round corner is better! Anyone who has ever visited this famous Lyon Hubba configuration will know that taking this around the long way is beyond gnarly. The way Daclin leans into the corner is unfathomable, looks pretty wintery out too! Respect.

From the moments we heard Primus backing Duff-man in his debut video part we have associated him with mastery of 50-50s. This kinker might not be as long as some of the contemporary rails hit but bare in mind that this happened before people knew how to lock on a round rail. Phenomenal.

Yes this is a shortish one for the longest list, but the surfed-out factor on this is something you would only see at Bells Beach. Not only that, but if you look at the slam he takes at the start of the section… you know that Lennie earned that make. Bow down to one of the rawest that ever picked up a plank.

In the summer of 2003 Cale made friends with rails of all breeds across the globe. This street rail in Lyon was probably one of the less dangerous ones, but the sheer length of this 50-50 is undeniable. What I love about this is the vibe you get that he did it for sheer fun but it still ended up in his section.