John Lucero Slappy

Slappy grinds are one of the most fun tricks skateboarding. They are open to all, you don't need a sprawling marble plaza, a skatepark, or even to be able to ollie. Just find a kerb, maybe some wax, and off you go.

The slappy, it is generally accepted, was invented by the feet of John Lucero back in the 1980's. The story goes that he was thrown out of his local skatepark and forced to skate the car park outside, through using the kerb as if it were coping the slappy grind was born.

It is of course entirely possible many others had come up with the trick independently, but for the sake of the story we are going with Lucero.

The following list is by no means exhaustive, rather a selection of enjoyable examples of this fun trick. Take a look then grab your board and hit up your nearest kerb.

Mitchell Wilson riding a thin metal ledge all the way around. Buy Paych here.

The most awkward in the list and almost certainly NBD. Zered Bassett one-upping his no-comply slappy 5-0 from Outliers.

The Welcome riders take so much influence from 80's skateboarding it wouldn't make sense to do this post without them, Sorcery Sammy Cole with a few tasty variations.

We had to include these really didn't we?

lucas gif

Had to post this one as a gif.

The slappy variations in this are also worth a mention:

Loki with a slappy crook pop up for RB Umali's lens.

Georgie Tsushima working hard for this slappy bluntslide.

Natas Kaupas getting tech way back in 1987.

Slappy krooks, as shown by Loki, are surely the most aesthetically pleasing of all the variations. Callum Paul with a beauty during a lark in New York.

Great pun for the title, and great high speed slappy action.

Looks like the dream kerb spot doesn't it? Dustin Henry puts it to good use in this fun little edit.

Tom Knox absolutely destroying a kerb in his Speed Freaks part.

Curved Parking Blocks with Andy Vasquez from Max Zahradnik on Vimeo.

Andy Vasquez's video is a perfect reminder of the DIY ethos in skateboarding.